The creation of an independant train path allocation body is a declaration of our belief in fair competition.

Railway Reform 1 of 1999 was intended to promote on-rail competition and thus to promote more attractive services in the timetable. However, even after the reforms were implemented, the railways continued to allocate train paths on their own networks themselves. Discrimination was thus still theoretically possible. However, competition can only bring benefits if all railway undertakings are treated equally when seeking access to the infrastructure.

The 2005 communication on Railway Reform 2 therefore included the creation of a train path allocation body independent of the railways. This communication was rejected by Parliament however. The delays this caused induced SBB, BLS and SOB to outsource the allocation of their train paths to a joint independent body. Accordingly, at the beginning of 2006, and in conjunction with the Swiss Public Transport Operators' Association, these railways together founded Trasse Schweiz AG (

By outsourcing train path allocation to a body which is legally and organisationally independent and independent in its decision making, the three largest Swiss standard gauge railways together with the Swiss Public Transport Operators' Association reinforce their commitment to fair on-rail competition. Accordingly, we consider ourselves to be a customer-focused service provider.