Usage of train paths

Monitoring studies into the feasibility of customer aspirations

Railway undertakings and other organisations with an interest in running rail may ask the infrastructure manager to check new service plans for their technical feasibility. We monitor these studies and ensure that they are both free of discrimination and properly done without generating additional effort for the applicants.


Support for commissioning a study

The infrastructure manager must be supplied with a number of pieces of information before he can undertake a study into the technical feasibility of new service plans. We help the party asking for the study to prepare the remit for the study in that we check the information for completeness. makes no charge to the party asking for the study for either of the two activities above.


Monitoring the reservation of capacity

Railway undertakings may agree the reservation of track capacity for periods extending beyond one timetable with infrastructure managers. If infrastructure managers offer these "framework agreements", we ensure that all railway undertakings are treated in the same way and that there is no discrimination either in the negotiations or follow through.


Checking and publishing train path catalogues

The infrastructure managers draw up an annual train path catalogue for freight traffic over the heavily used North-South axes. The train paths shown in the catalogue help applicants to prepare their applications. They are based on marked requirements and take account of the capacity currently available. We check and publish these train path catalogues.




Downloads and documents

  • Apply or a study to be monitoredDE
  • Report of the analysis of capacity Simplon 2020DE
  • Order form for additional servicesDE
  • Network utilisation plan 2020DEFR
  • Network utilisation plan 2021DEFR
  • Network utilisation plan 2022DEFR
  • Network utilisation plan 2023DEFR
  • Network utilisation plan 2024DE
  • Network utilisation plan 2025DEFR
  • Network utilisation plan 2026DEFR
  • Capacity remaining GotthardDE
  • Capacity remaining LötschbergDE
  • Network Statement BLS 2020DEEN
  • Network Statement BLS 2021DEEN
  • Network Statement SBB 2020DEFRITEN
  • Network Statement SBB 2021DEFRITEN
  • Network Statement SOB 2020DE
  • Network Statement SOB 2021DE
  • Rules for border stationsDEFRITEN
  • General explanations of use timetable 2020DE
  • Path catalogue Gotthard 2021DE
  • Path catalogue Lötschberg 2021DE
  • Declaration of congested infrastructure SimplonDEFRITEN