Infrastructure Register

Purpose of the Register of Infrastructure

In accordance with Article 23l of the Swiss Railways Act (EBG), the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV) keeps a register containing the information required for using the rail infrastructure. This register complies with the requirements of the Annex to Implementing Decision 2014/880/EU.

The register of infrastructure (RINF) is an information system for the railway infrastructure in Switzerland.
It is available to all who require information on the railway infrastructure and guarantees a standardised technical and operational description of the infrastructure. The BAV is responsible for operating and further developing the register of infrastructure.

In the initial phase, the register has been completed with the data on the infrastructures of SBB, BLS and DB in Switzerland. From 2020 on, all other standard gauge infrastructures will be added.

In addition to the RINF, the BAV is creating a new tool for automated route alignment between rolling stock and infrastructure. This is planned for release during the first half of 2020.



Until the register of infrastructure is completely taken over by the allocation body TVS on 01.01.2021, the Swiss Federal Office for Transport will continue to operate the register. Until then, you may use the following contact details:

Register of infrastructure

Downloads and documents

  • Implementing Decision EU 2014/880DEFRITEN
  • RINF Application guide V1.2.1EN